Profit Engineering is a new approach to IT consulting

GrowthPath combines IT, analysis and management experience to bring cost savings and margin growth. Our IT work is a means to an end. New technologies, particularly cloud and open source, have made it radically cheaper to get fast, pinpoint information. This can transform your business. We will help you see how to take advantage, and we'll help you get there. But we never forget that IT is simply a means to an end. IT can be expensive, complicated and vendors can over-promise. We will keep you away from the dark side of the Force.

Our customers: Australian businesses large enough to need good IT but not large enough to have cutting edge IT skills. Typically businesses from $5m to $50m. Current clients include professional services, medical, professional and consumer wholesalers, education and hospitality.

We drive growth through simple and fast insights into customer and product profitability. Together, we optimse the business you already have: it's fast and quickly cash-flow positive.

We move clients away from the high-cost, lock-in model of traditional business IT by favouring web-based and open-source tools.

We are a vendor-neutual, zero-commission consultancy.

The question is simple: Do you want to become a focused, data-driven business?

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